Bentley Continental GT Speed (Test Drive Vs Bentley Mulsanne)

The powerful Bentley Continental GT Speed is a car like no other.  This two-door powerhouse on four wheels reaches 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds and boasts a top speed of 206. Truly meant for the track, but it’s a luxury maverick like no other.

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Bentley Continental GT Speed Performance

The Continental GT Speed has an all-wheel drive transmission system to contain its power. It’s power is derived from the W12 engine. But its power does not only come from a W12, it also has twin-turbo chargers as well. Its 8-speed transmission provides both quicker acceleration and improved fuel efficiency from previous Continental models. Its torque is based in the rear with a 60:40 ratio that allows for balance for cornering. Due to the fact the the Continental GT Speed is 10mm closer to the ground, this allows for better control for making sharp turns.

Continental GT Speed Specs

Power and fuel efficiency are factors that make this Bentley a competitor. Its maximum power is 633 bhm and maximum torque is 620 lb-ft. It goes from 0-60 mph in 3.9 and 0-10km/h in 4.1 seconds. Its highway miles per galon us at 21 (US) and its city mpg is 12 (US). The GT Speed has 13% improvement in its previous model.

Bentley Continental GT Speed Technology

If you don’t feel like the GT Speed is entertaining enough, try looking at the technology it provides. At the center of the dash there’s a touch screen 30 gb to the hard drive system to provide you with all the fun you need during those long drives home. You can store up to 15 gigabits of music, so there is really no point of really connecting your phone. You can even connect your MP3 or iPod though the Continental GT Speed with standard wiring. If you do want to access your phone you can connect via bluetooth or SIM card. Real time tire pressures are on display through the monitor as well. Bentley uses BMR speakers that provide clarity that act as different unites to provide an astonishing listening experience.

Bentley Continental GT Pricing

The Coupe starts from $198,500 and the Convertible starts from $218,400.


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