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Most Significant Automotive Innovations of the Past Century

Discover the most transformative automobile innovations of the past century and learn about their impact on our lives and the future of cars.

Detroit Series 60 Engine
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Why the Detroit Series 60 Engine Is So Popular

Detroit Diesel is one of the top diesel manufacturers in the United States. See why their Series 60 engine remains one of the...

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The Rarest and Most Interesting Jeep Vehicles Ever Produced

Did you know the Jeep Wrangler YJ Rio Grande was only released for one year? Learn more about the rarest and most interesting...

Own a BMW
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Top Reasons To Own a BMW as Your Next Car

Owning a BMW is definitely a great idea if you care about quality and value. Look here for some of the top reasons...

Weather Affects Truck Engines
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How Different Weather Affects Truck Engines

The temperatures are dropping, and warm weather seems far away. But whether you like colder or hotter weather, there are risks to both...

Automotive Industry
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Biggest Myths of the Automotive Industry

Many companies spin information to make their product look luxurious in the consumer world, leading to myths developing. For the automotive industry, you...