EXCLUSIVE TEST DRIVE – Bentley GT3R and Bentley Mulsanne Speed

Bentley GT3R + Bentley Mulsanne Special

In this week’s newest episode, our partners SABGUAE take on an amazing challenge (and fun one at that), with a test drive and exclusive video on the Bentley GT3R and the Mulsanne Speed.  While these two cars differ significantly, the precision and perfection of these vehicles is stunning. My favorite parts of each car are below, but only the video will do these cars justice.

The first vehicle that is driven in this weeks featured video is the not-so-subtle Bentley GT3R.  This car has an amazing interior with the green and black trim to match the infamous British Racing Green feel, however the car is a monster.  From the outside the call accelerates forward, while leaving a trail of zooms behind it.  This is not your grandfather’s Bentley, this is truly a track-inspired performance vehicle!

The trim of the Mulsanne is absolutely stunning and it seems to be perfectly quiet as the drive continues.  Pretty amazing you can get luxury, speed, and precision all in one package with this beast from Bentley.  This would be the perfect car to be driven in to any occasion.

Either way you serve it up, these cars are both delicious.  From performance that is off the charts for their class (and weight) to the minute details of the interior and driver comfort, both of these vehicles would be amazing to own or drive!

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Written By:  @RickJeffries

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