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Why the Detroit Series 60 Engine Is So Popular

Detroit Series 60 Engine
Source: American Fleet Inc.

When it comes to discussing popular diesel engines in the trucking world, one name consistently stands out: the Detroit Series 60 engine. Its impressive track record of performance and reliability while maintaining efficiency has put this engine on the map as a favored choice among diesel enthusiasts and truckers alike. But why is the Detroit Series 60 engine so popular? In this article, we’ll explore the various factors that have contributed to its rise in popularity and continued success.

A History of Success

First introduced by Detroit Diesel in 1987, the Series 60 quickly gained widespread acclaim among those in the trucking and transportation industry. While there’s an amazing history behind Detroit Diesel, many consider the Series 60 to be one of their most successful endeavors. By prioritizing factors such as fuel efficiency, engine longevity, and low emission levels, the Series 60 has stood the test of time and continues to be a sought-after option for diesel engines. Additionally, it has a track record of remaining reliable in the most extreme conditions, making it the go-to choice for numerous truckers and fleet operators.

Performance and Reliability

One primary reason why the Detroit Series 60 engine is so popular can be credited to its robust performance capabilities. Built to endure heavy loads and long-distance hauling, this engine excels in delivering sufficient torque and horsepower to meet various demands. Moreover, Series 60 engines are known for being low-maintenance and user-friendly, which makes them an attractive option for both experienced and novice truckers.

Fuel Efficiency and Emissions

In today’s world, fuel efficiency and reduced emissions are essential to both the economy and the environment. Detroit Diesel has consistently pushed the boundaries in these areas, with their Series 60 engine being no exception. Its intelligent design and advanced engineering have allowed the engine to achieve better fuel consumption while substantially reducing emissions compared to competitor engines in the market today. This environmental consciousness has won the Series 60 many fans among truckers and fleet owners across the globe.

Aftermarket Support and Availability

Detroit Diesel has a solid reputation for supporting their products after the sale. Many truckers and diesel enthusiasts have praised the accessibility and availability of aftermarket parts and service for the Series 60 engine, making it easy to maintain and keep on the road. This extraordinary level of support provides both truckers and fleet operators peace of mind; they know they always have access to assistance when needed.

The Electronic Controls System

Introduced in 1993, the proprietary Detroit Diesel Electronic Controls (DDEC) system revolutionized the Series 60 engine. The DDEC system enabled finer tuning and control of various engine parameters, which further enhanced fuel efficiency, performance, and diagnostics. This innovative technology has only added to the appeal and competitive edge of the Series 60 engine.


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