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Lamborghini Towing Goats Through Town in Australia

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Normally we bring you the fastest, most innovative cars from around the world and talk about their specs, performance #’s, track times, and the occasional video of them in action.  Today, however, we will get the best of all worlds with this epic new video that has surfaced of two people in Australia driving a Lamborghini through town.

Normally a 450+ horsepower Italian supercar would be enough to turn heads, but imagine that same car rigged up with a trailer hitch and trailer in tow!  If that isn’t impressive enough, the operators of this luxury car decided to take the goats out for a ride.  Yes that’s right, Goats!

Honestly if it wasn’t for this amazingly clear video of the Lamborghini towing goats, I wouldn’t believe it for myself.  After watching the short clip below, be sure to leave your thoughts and comments below in the comments section.

$500,000 Lamborghini is seen towing a trailer full of GOATS and hay bales

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