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Burning Rubber in the BMW M4


The BMW M4 is an absolute Monster!  The guys over at SABG UAE took one out for a test drive and it seams to be the next generation M we love from this German car manufacturer.  The raw power of this beast is subtle from the interior but boasts some nice tones on the outside.  From the not so modest 0-60 acceleration to the screeching tires as the guys do doughnuts just highlight this cars true abilities.

This video was taken at the Emirates Motorplex in Dubai and the footage is just stunning.
Check out the video below and be sure to leave your thoughts below in the comments section.


The SABG Team tests the BMW M4… the beast is unleashed under Mohammed’s hand at Emirates Motorplex in Umm Al Quwaiin. Processed with high technologies and epic handling standards the M4 provides the best adrenaline kick you can ever feel at a track.

Just a couple of extra photos below of this beautiful beast 🙂

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