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Ways You Can Improve Your Sports Car’s Performance

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If you’re a speed junky, the first thing you probably think about when driving something off the lot is how it might go faster. Explore how you can improve your sports car’s performance to ensure you are getting everything you can out of your engine.

Coilover Suspension

Stock suspensions are designed to work for every driving style, which means they don’t work optimally for any driving style. It should work in tandem with you, and you’ll want one that can handle your breaking style and how you attack corners. A coilover suspension will allow you to brake later and harder while retaining control over the car.

Cold Air Intakes

The air intake that comes standard in most cars works well at pumping air into your engine. However, you can upgrade to a cold-air intake for added horsepower. These aftermarket intakes pump cold air into your machine at higher rates to keep it cooler when performing. The lower the temperature of your engine, the more powerful it will be. Also, a cold-air intake will keep the engine from overheating, prolonging its life.

Performance Tires

Your tires’ traction can affect the vehicle’s acceleration, braking, and cornering, so you’ll want to upgrade to a performance, soft tire to give you more traction. The only trade-off is that performance tires do wear down faster than harder wheels.

The traction of these tires will also create a greater grip for turning because the wheels’ surface contact is higher than stock models. In the end, whether high-performance tires will be a good fit for you will depend on your style and amount of driving.

Aluminum Drive Shaft

Factory cars typically come with metal drive shafts. These are very servable parts, but the most significant difference between aluminum and metal drive shafts is they are 15 to 20 pounds lighter. Cutting weight is one of the easiest ways to improve performance, as the car has less to tow. Also, aluminum holds up better from rust, so it will last longer if you live in cold weather.


Install bracing into the underbelly of your car for added support. Its purpose is to provide an extra level structure to your vehicle’s chassis when performing high octane maneuvers like drifting. Not to mention, it can increase the overall efficiency in turning by reducing sway.

Now that you know a few ways you can improve your sports car’s performance, nothing is stopping you from adding some modifications to build the automobile of your dreams.


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