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5 Warning Signs You Need Your Car’s Transmission Repaired

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Every car owner knows that their vehicle will need serviced at some point. Unfortunately, drivers tend to ignore minor signs of damage and set aside engine and transmission problems. However, when you don’t immediately address problems, bigger issues lie down the road. Avoid spending more money than you must by checking out these five warning signs you need your car’s transmission repaired.

Leaking Fluid

Leaking fluid is one of the most recognizable transmission issues. Multiple fluids work together in a vehicle to help it function. Leaking transmission fluid is easier to spot because it’s distinctive. If you see a red, sweet-smelling fluid coming from under your car, you need to let your mechanic know they need to check the transmission fluid levels.

Unresponsive Vehicle

If your car doesn’t respond to shifting gears, your transmission is likely the issue. A functioning transmission will slide your car into the proper gear and move it without trouble. Delayed shifts are indications of a faulty transmission. It’s always best to investigate these issues early, because you don’t want to damage your vehicle further.

Lit Check Engine Light

The appearance of the check engine light is a clear indication that something is wrong. These sensors detect smalls jerks and tremors that you probably wouldn’t notice. Drivers often make the mistake of ignoring the light or waiting too long for a checkup. However, when the transmission sensor sets off the light, it’s important to check take your car to the mechanic within 48 hours. Depending on your vehicle, a mechanic can fix the issue and tell you how often you should service your transmission for future reference.

Grinding and Shaking

Cars should run smoothly without grinding or shaking. These are indications that your transmission has a problem. If your vehicle shakes or jerks during gear shifts, get it checked out immediately. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will get, and you may lose control of the car altogether.

Weird or Burning Smell

Vehicles have various smells, but if you notice any weird smells from your engine, pay attention. When transmission fluid runs low, it overheats and starts to burn. This makes your engine run hot and contributes to damage and corrosion.

Different factors may play a part in a burning smell. Trapped plastic and dripping antifreeze are some other examples of causes of weird smells.

In a perfect world, car issues would cease to exist. But unfortunately, vehicle issues are common, and every car owner will go through a problem at some point. Although we can’t stop the inevitable, we can take steps to prevent serious vehicle damage. Look at these five warning signs you need your car’s transmission repaired the next time you suspect a problem.


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