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Tips To Increase the Longevity of Your Off-Road Tires

Off Roading

If you’re a fan of off-roading, you know how much of a beating your vehicle’s tires can take on the trails. Having the right tires and maintaining their quality is essential for a safe and enjoyable off-roading journey. Tires are also expensive, so you want to get as much use from them as possible. Here are some tips to increase the longevity of your off-road tires. You’ll have safer adventures and stretch your budget more.

Air Down Your Tires

You may not know that there are unique tire pressure recommendations for driving on off-roading trails. Having the right amount of air in your tires impacts your vehicle’s fuel economy, handling, and performance. Unlike on the road, it can be beneficial to off-road tires to decrease their air pressure. This involves purposely releasing air from your tires. Some of the benefits of reduced tire pressure include increased traction and more flexibility. By airing down tires, you can help them drive over tough terrain more easily and minimize tread wear.

How to care for off road tires

Check Your Suspension System

Having the right vehicle suspension is also crucial to an enjoyable off-roading experience. Choosing off-road-safe tires, lifts, and suspension shocks can help protect your truck while off-roading. This is because a poor suspension can wear on your vehicle’s tires and cause cupping. Cupping can create valleys and dips in your tire’s treads, leading to poor handling and dangerous driving conditions. Inspect your truck’s shocks and suspension regularly to ensure they aren’t causing unnecessary stress on your off-road tires.

Ensure Correct Wheel Alignment

Many off-roading enthusiasts choose to modify their vehicles to support their adventures. Off-roading trails feature tough conditions and rocky terrain, so many truck owners customize their vehicles with new suspension systems, tires, lights, and more. If you want to modify your vehicle before your next off-roading trip, start with some of the essential off-roading vehicle mods. However, whenever you customize parts of your vehicle, you must test your wheel alignment. Improper wheel alignment will quickly wear down your tires and their treads. After installing a new car mod, schedule a wheel alignment test at your local shop.

Get more off-roading use out of your vehicle’s tires with these tips for increasing their longevity. Car modifications and tire replacements can be expensive investments, so remember maintenance and care tips like these to make them last.

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