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Tips for Protecting Your Tires This Summer

protecting tires in the summer

While tire blowouts can occur at any time of the year, they’re more frequent in the summer due to the hot roads and more long-distance road trips many people take during the season. Keep your tires protected and your car safe this summer by following these simple tips.

Wash Regularly

If you want your car to run better for longer, keep it clean inside and out. The same is true for your car’s tires; if you want to preserve them and get the most use out of them, you’ll need to wash the tires regularly to keep the dirt and dust off them.

When washing your car’s tires, use a special tire cleaning spray and brush—don’t think that rinsing them with water and wiping them with a dirty cloth will do the trick. You should also wax your tires when you wax your car for maximum protection.

Pro Tip: You can find cream or paste wax that is ideal for waxing tires and a waxing mitt for application at most auto equipment stores.

protect tires in the summer

Check Pressure Frequently

The weather significantly affects your tire pressure, especially in the summer. When the weather warms up, the air molecules within the tires also heat up and expand. This air expansion increases tire pressure and can cause your tires to overinflate.

Overinflated tires impact your vehicle in many ways, but the most concerning is that the tires become more susceptible to blowouts. You should frequently check your tire pressure, especially during a heat wave, to ensure they’re within the safely recommended PSI range listed in your owner’s manual.

Drive Cautiously

The last tip for protecting your tires this summer—and through any season—is to drive carefully and conservatively. One of the primary reasons that tires wear down too quickly or blow out is reckless driving—taking corners too fast, accelerating too quickly, and braking too hard.

When the roads are hotter, your tires can already wear down more quickly, and erratic driving will do a number on your tire treads. Be gentle with the gas and brake pedals, and take turns conservatively to stay safe and preserve your tires.

The summer is an especially hard season on your tires, so keep these tips in mind to keep your tires in top condition this season!

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