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Tips for Protecting Your Car From Sun Damage

Sun Damage

Even though summer is over, people still need to protect themselves and their vehicles from the sun. Sunlight is actually responsible for one of the most common types of car paint damage, even during cooler seasons. Sun damage manifests in faded colors, warped exteriors, and chipping paint.

Don’t let the changing weather fool you; sunshine can age your vehicle no matter the temperature. Luckily, protecting your car from sun damage is easy. With a few tips and tricks, you can maintain your vehicle’s condition all year long.

Park in the Shade

It might seem obvious, but parking in the shade is the most effective way to shield your car from the sun; this gives your vehicle a break after long drives during the day. Take advantage of garages and carports when you have access to them.

Find a spot with tree or building coverage if you don’t have indoor space. You could also invest in a car cover when you don’t have any shade available. Car covers are most effective when street parking is your only option.

Use Protective Products

You can’t keep your car in the shade 100 percent of the time—that defeats the entire purpose of a vehicle. However, you can use protective products to mitigate damage when your car is out and about. Apply car wax regularly to shield the vehicle’s exterior from harmful UV rays.

You could also invest in a ceramic coating for a longer-lasting option. Ceramic coatings are durable and heat-resistant, so your vehicle can withstand whatever comes its way. This coating will also leave your car with a beautiful, shiny finish.

Protect the Interior

Protecting your car from sun damage doesn’t stop with the exterior. Sunlight can permeate through your windows, causing interior warping and fading. Using window shields will reflect light and prevent it from degrading materials.

Purchase seat and steering wheel covers to add further protection. These accessories defend your interior while adding a personalized touch. You could also tint your windows in accordance with local laws to block out more sunlight.

Don’t forget to perform an internal inspection for heat and sun damage. Going into colder months with a broken battery will set you up for failure. Fighting against the sun doesn’t have to be challenging; use these tips to get the most out of your vehicle.

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