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Locked Out of Your Car? 3 Ways You Can Get Back In


Almost everyone who has ever driven a car can relate to the embarrassment and frustration of that realization that the keys have been locked in the car.  It doesn’t matter how responsible or focused a person normally is, there will always be a day when stress or distractions will get a hold of a person’s attention as they are exiting their vehicle.

Once the door is locked and you go to put your keys in your pocket, it hits you like a bolt of lightning.  Even though you know better, the first thing you will always do is to check and recheck the driver’s side door.  After that, it’s the same routine of going around to each door and checking to see if fortune may still be on your side.  But, inevitably, the conclusion will eventually be made that the keys are locked inside and that you are locked out.

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So, once you’ve found yourself in this predicament, what do you normally do?  Some people panic.  Others will immediately try to think of a solution.  Some people will just break a window (not recommended).  If a person is fortunate enough to have a spouse or family member nearby with a spare key, they will usually give that person a call.  But, the spouse may be at work or the spare key may be missing.  In the end, the step that is almost invariably taken is to call a tow truck or locksmith.  So, to add to the pain of embarrassment, you must also add a sizeable tow truck or locksmith fee.

Few people are aware that there are actually other ways to get into your car that don’t require a spare key, tow truck, or locksmith.  “Before they call us, I don’t think a lot of people consider how they can get into their locked cars besides smashing a window.” says Chicago locksmith, Omega Locksmith. There are in fact a few different methods that have been figured out by mechanics and resourceful people who have found themselves in a similar pickle.

It’s important to note that these methods are intended for use on your own car only.  Application of these methods on a vehicle other than your own, without permission from the owner, constitutes a serious crime that is punishable by law.

The Shoestring Method

The shoestring trick is an excellent solution as most people will have a shoestring on their person at any given time.  However, it only works on cars with a lock ‘peg’ that is pulled upwards to unlock.  In order to open your car door with a shoestring, first tie an adjustable loop in the center of the string.  From there, you will simply work the shoestring into the car at an angle from the edges of the door.  To explain more clearly, look at the top corner of the door (facing the back of the car).  Put the string behind the corner and, holding each end, work the string down behind the weather stripping until it is inside the car.  At this point, it is merely a matter of catching the lock peg with the loop.  Once the peg is inside the loop, pull each end of the string to tighten the loop around it.  Finally, pull the peg up with the shoestring.  Unlocked!

The Coat Hanger Method

Here is one that you’ve no doubt heard of before.  Although it can be somewhat time consuming, it is usually sure method and will save you a good deal of money from calling the locksmith.  Untwist the coat hanger and work it so that you have a straight piece of wire with a hook at one end.  Work the hook end down into the door, through the weather stripping at the base of the window, and jiggle it around until you can find the locking mechanism.  After a little bit of finagling, the door will eventually unlock.

The Screwdriver and Rod

The screwdriver and rod method works just as well as the others mentioned but is more likely to cause damage to the interior of the vehicle.  The method is by far the simplest of all three.  The screwdriver is used as a pry bar at the top of the door to create a gap between the door and the frame of the car.  From there, the rod can be inserted into the gap and used to simply press the unlock button.  It’s not as clever as the first two and is more likely to cause some minor damage to the car, but it’s probably the quickest and easiest method of the three.

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