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Drive Safely: Here’s a Handful of Car Safety Tips to Live By


As people continue to drive without incident, it’s very easy for them to become complacent with how they’re driving. However, a lot of people have some pretty unsafe driving habits that will only rear their ugly head once something bad happens. Don’t be one of those people that learn that lesson the hard way. Keep yourself, your friends, and family safe with these crucial car safety tips provided by Sutliff & Stout, car accident lawyers in Houston.

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Always Wear Your Seat Belt

Make sure your seat belt is on properly. This goes double for all of your passengers. Getting into a vehicular crash without a seat belt will send you flying. People tend to take for granted just how fast 60 MPH really is. Don’t think that it’s ever okay not to wear your seat belt. Once you get in the habit of not wearing, it’s hard to shake. Practice good habits by putting it on and ensuring that all of your passengers have it on as well.

Never Drive Under The Influence

Don’t drive under the influence of anything! Drinking and driving is the most common form of driving under the influence. However, there are still other things that can influence your capability to operate your vehicle. Prescription drugs are notorious for making people feel dizzy or even getting them high. These aren’t safe either. You need to be completely alert while driving. To put it simply, caffeine is the drug it’s relatively safe to drive on.

Be In The Right Mindset

Driving angry makes you drive faster and more aggressively. If you’re mad and you’re forced into a situation in which you have to drive, take a few deep breaths and calm down. You can find a less dangerous way to express your anger.

Don’t Talk/Text & Drive

Everyone has seen the commercials. Talking while was a pretty big issue before texting became a lot more mainstream. Talking while driving is the equivalent to driving under the influence of alcohol. Some studies show it can be even worse. Texting is much worse because your eyes aren’t even focused on the road. Save it for later. It can wait.

Clean Out Your Car

Don’t have loose items in your car. Obviously, a loose tissue isn’t going to kill you. However, you don’t want an abundance of loose items rolling around in your car. If you get into an accident, these seemingly harmless items can turn dangerous extremely quickly. Don’t treat your car like your room. Pick up after yourself and keep the loose items to a bare minimum.

Secure Your Pets

Driving with your pets is fun! However, too many pets die in auto accidents because their owners didn’t properly restrain them. Dogs and cats are a lot smaller than us, they will go flying if you get into a car accident and they’re not secured. DO NOT let them ride in the truck bed. An excited animal may jump out into oncoming traffic and get seriously hurt or killed. Secure them by making sure that they are in a carrier and this carrier can be secured via a seat belt. You can still enjoy their company and this keeps them safe.

Keep Up With Car Maintenance

Have a mechanic check your brakes, suspension, air bags, headlights, and taillights on a very regular basis.

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