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Tips To Help Your Diesel Truck Last Longer

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Whether you use it for work, play, or everyday tasks, your truck does a lot for you. Are you doing enough for it? If you want your truck to last, take the time to perform periodic maintenance and give it some TLC. You’ll be rewarded with better performance, fuel efficiency, and many years of use. Here are a few tips to help your diesel truck last longer.

Oil’s Well That Ends Well

A chief rule about keeping your truck running is regularly changing the oil. Maintaining the ideal level of clean oil helps the engine run smoothly. By and large, you should change your oil every 3,000 miles at the earliest. If you upgrade to a synthetic brand, that can extend to 5,000–6,000 miles. Check your owner’s manual for specifics and the proper volume. Overfilling can lead to increased pressure, which can strain the gaskets and seals in the engine. Neither too much nor too little. Just right!

Under Pressure

How’s your tire pressure? Check it today. While the optimum level can vary per brand and style of tires, it’s important to maintain the pressure. Soft tires don’t provide soft rides; in fact, they can put excess strain on the engine and the rest of the vehicle. You’ll burn more fuel since the tires are struggling to carry the full weight of the truck. Store a tire pressure tool in the glove compartment to conduct regular inspections.

diesel truck

Keep It Clean

Clean trucks run better. On one level, keeping your pickup’s body pristine reduces wind resistance. Cleaning the exterior, interior, and even the engine also eliminates soot, grease, and other gunk from building up and impeding performance. Keeping your truck clean also prevents rust and corrosion, and it looks good!

Don’t Be Foolish About Fuel

Another great tip to help your diesel truck last longer is filling the tank with quality fuel. Cheap diesel may be affordable, but it doesn’t do any good for your pickup in the long run. Premium diesel fuel is better for your vehicle because it contains detergents that keep the engine clean. It also contains cetane, which helps with combustion, provides quicker starts, and improves lubrication and overall fuel efficiency.

Your truck’s Powerstroke engine can last a long time, and you can make it so with these maintenance tips and tricks.

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