Modifications That Will Improve Your Jeep’s Suspension

The suspension system of your vehicle will have a large impact on your driving experience. In addition to absorbing bumps in the road to create a smoother, more comfortable ride, your suspension system will help maximize the overall performance of your vehicle. If your Jeep’s suspension system has begun to wear out or could use a boost, there are several things you can do to enhance its quality. Below, we have listed some of the top modifications that will improve your Jeep’s suspension.

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Purchase a Suspension Lift Kit

One way to improve the suspension of your Jeep is to purchase a suspension lift kit. This device will provide your Jeep with more suspension articulation as well as increase its ground clearance and allow you to outfit your vehicle with larger tires. Due to these benefits, a suspension lift kit is highly popular among those who seek to use their Jeep for off-roading purposes.

Before lifting your vehicle, it’s important that you purchase a suspension lift kit rather than a body lift kit. While a body lift kit will only give your vehicle the appearance of a raised Jeep, a suspension lift kit will provide you with enhanced suspension.

Implement Performance Coilovers

Another one of the most effective modifications that will improve your Jeep’s suspension is implementing performance coilovers. These vehicle suspension devices are composed of shock absorbers wrapped in a coil spring that will compress or retract based on the weight of your Jeep.

When installed on your vehicle, they can increase the comfort of your ride and improve its handling for an enhanced overall driving experience. Depending on your preferences, coilovers also give you the option to adjust aspects of your vehicle’s height, damping, champer, and other factors.

Install Strut Bearings

Installing strut bearings can also help enhance the suspension of your Jeep. Also known as tower bearings, these crucial suspension components serve as the touchpoints between the body and spring strut of your vehicle. When installed on top of shock absorbers, strut bearings facilitate torsional movement while minimizing friction and enhancing the steering capabilities of your vehicle for optimal performance.

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