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Car Maintenance Services That Are Commonly Overlooked

Car Maintenance Services

Routine car maintenance, such as oil changes, is often second nature for car owners. However, there are other commonly overlooked car maintenance services that car owners should be including in their regular maintenance schedule. Overlooking these services can often lead to greater and more costly fixes down the line.

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Air Filters

Cars most commonly have two air filters—one for the engine and one for the cabin of the vehicle. People often forget about air filters even though they are vital to your car’s comfort and core performance systems and are relatively cheap and easy to replace. Air filters keep your cabin comfortable and cool while an engine’s air filter keeps dust and debris away; otherwise, your car’s fuel efficiency, power, and ability to start may all decrease. You should have your air filters checked during routine maintenance appointments.

Transmission Fluid for Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance Services

Your car’s transmission is responsible for switching gears while you drive. Transmission fluid is the lubricant that allows all the parts to properly move and change within your car’s transmission. Failing to change your car’s transmission fluid based on manufacturer recommendations can impede gear shifts which can ultimately lead to engine failure.

Tire Rotation, Tread, and Inflation

Tire performance is extremely important to your car. As such, you should keep track of rotation needs, tread, and inflation levels. There are many signs that indicate if your tires need to be rotated; however, tires should be rotated roughly every six months to ensure that they wear evenly.

Further, we often forget the wear and tear put on tires after numerous miles. Without rotating the tires of your vehicle, the life of your tires will diminish quicker as uneven treads develop. While tire rotation can increase the lifespan of your tires, the tread of your tires should be checked frequently. When you take your car in for maintenance services, be sure to check in with a mechanic regarding when you’ll need to replace your tires. Additionally, don’t forget to overlook inflation levels. Although many car systems today will warn you if your tire pressure is low, some older cars do not have this capability. Have your tire pressure checked when you take your car in for routine maintenance to ensure they are inflated properly.

Power Steering System

If your power steering system isn’t flushed at regular intervals, the system can become clogged with dirt and moisture. A clogged in the system can ruin your power steering ability. The fluid in the power steering system should be changed regularly to keep you from having to forcibly steer your car.

Changing your car’s air filters, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and upkeeping your tire health are a few commonly overlooked car maintenance services that should be done regularly to preserve your car.

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