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Biggest Myths of the Automotive Industry

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Many companies spin information to make their product look luxurious in the consumer world, leading to myths developing. For the automotive industry, you will hear pieces of advice that seem factual but aren’t entirely true. Here are some of the biggest myths of the automotive industry.

Hybrids Are Slow

In Horrible Bosses, Jason Bateman’s character makes a crack about how he never really wins drag races because he drives a Prius. While hybrid vehicles may not appear in any professional drag races, they are just as fast as similar cars. Some brands, like Tesla and McLaren, can go 0 to 60 MPH in under three seconds.

Diesel Engines Aren’t Fuel Efficient

Some folks are adamant that diesel engines guzzle gas, costing you more at the pump. However, that is just one of the many misconceptions about diesel-powered vehicles. It’s actually quite the contrary, considering diesel engines save more money in the long-run based on their internal combustion engines.

Oil Changes After 3,000 Miles

Changing the oil in your vehicle helps its longevity, giving you value in return from your investment. You’ll likely hear the advice of changing your oil every 3,000 miles. While that certainly won’t harm the car, it’s also unnecessary, figuring most engines handle 5,000-7000 miles without issue. In fact, the way you drive the vehicle determines the regularity of your oil changes. Consistent short trips do more harm than long-lasting ones because the oil doesn’t have time to heat up properly.

Premium Gas Leads To Premium Performance

Essentially, the premium gasoline options act more as a placebo effect because the improvements, if any, are barely noticeable. Despite what someone may tell you, getting regular 87-unleaded gasoline does the trick. The only time you need to opt for the premium fuel is if your vehicle demands it.

Higher Speed Limits Make Things Unsafe

The speed limit debate is a hot-button issue for many people, specifically if you live near a major roadway. Some believe that a lower speed limit reduces accidents and other traffic-related concerns. Theoretically, that makes a lot of sense; figuring slower speeds means safer conditions. Well, slower speed limits also lead to more traffic jams and unruly drivers.

Electric Cars Will Catch Fire

A few years ago, it felt like an electric car was going to blow up like it was in a Michael Bay film. Nevertheless, the media was more or less fear-mongering because traditional vehicles are five times more likely to catch fire than their electric counterparts.

Those are a few of the biggest myths of the automotive industry. More tales can be up for discussion. But it’s important to know that if you drive an electric car, you will return home a-okay.


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