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Best Safety Tips for Sharing the Road With Motorcycles

Sharing the Road

Motorcycles are all fun and games until one person fails to provide ample space or look the other way. It’s easy to say you’re not that driver, but we all slip from time to time. Here’s a list of the best safety tips for sharing the road with motorcycles to remind you for the next time you see a bike out.

Blind Spot Awareness

One of the easiest slips to make as a driver is skipping to view the blind spots. This results in most of the collisions with motorcycles. Bikes take up far less space than even the smallest of cars on the road, and because of that, it’s even easier to miss-read the lane and skip over their presence.

Motorcycles tend to lane shift more frequently than bigger cars and can do so with much more ease. It’s essential to check blind spots thoroughly before switching lanes. Check, and then double-check!

Be Courteous

Driving on common-folk roads is not a race. The goal of every driver is to travel from point A to point B and arrive alive. If someone is not driving to the speed of your liking or previously cut you off and has you full of rage, take a few deep breaths and count to 10.

It’s critical to keep calm when you feel the road rage settling in because this is when we tend to skip out on road courteousness and make a mistake. Remember not to let the actions of other drivers impair your ability to drive safely and calmly.

Be Mindful of the Left Turn Collision

Unfortunately, many of the motorcycle accidents that happen occur at intersections. Bikes are substantially smaller compared to cars and trucks and get overlooked easily. Before turning left, it’s vital to scan the intersection carefully to ensure no bikes are trying to cross through.

Chances are, the driver of the motorcycle is not at fault in the event of an accident. If you’ve been in a motorcycle wreck and need assistance, consider seeking legal action to navigate the action steps best to provide closure.

Look Both Ways Twice

By far, one of the best safety tips for sharing the road with motorcycles is the age-old rule of looking both ways. And if you anticipate a two-wheeled rider, make that twice. You’ll make the first scan for average-sized vehicles and the second scan for bikes.

It’s no secret that every driver must share the roadways respectfully. And when it comes to motorcycles, we all need to do better. While riders are responsible for their safety and driving habits, cars and trucks have an even bigger one, given the nature of their advantage.


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