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4 Things You Should Always Carry in Your Classic Car

Things You Should Always Carry in Your Classic Car

A classic car is a beautiful and valuable asset. However, it’s also a lot of responsibility to own one. If you’re a classic car owner, here are some of the things you should always carry to ensure its safety and integrity.

Seat Covers

With classic cars, you must consider protecting the interior as much as the exterior. The interior and upholstery of a vintage vehicle are fragile, especially if it still has its original seats. This upholstery is more prone to ripping or tearing because of its age.

Instead of worrying about passengers accidentally ripping the valuable upholstery of your vintage car, consider investing in durable seat covers. Many seat covers can match the aesthetic of a car, so there’s little sacrifice in style. Also, they allow you and your passengers to relax in the car without worrying about ripping or staining the valuable upholstery.

Jumper Cables

Whether it’s a classic car or a daily driver, you should always keep jumper cables in your vehicle. We all know how fickle car batteries can be. The battery can die for seemingly no reason in older vehicles that may have issues with the alternator and electronic systems.

In such cases, you’ll be glad you have a pair of jumper cables in your car to revive your battery in no time. You can also get a portable battery pack to jump-start your car without the assistance of another vehicle.

Things You Should Always Carry in Your Classic Car

Car Cover

Another thing that car owners should always carry in their vehicles is a fitted and custom car cover. For one, it’s always convenient to have the cover in the car so that you know where it is. Moreover, it’s the best way to protect your classic car from sun damage and other elements.

A car cover allows you to take your vintage vehicle out in public and park it wherever you’d like without fear of the exterior sustaining harm from the natural elements like the sun, bird droppings, tree branches, and more. A basic car cover is cheap, but a custom one is ideal to firmly and comfortably fit your car.

Spare Tire (That Fits)

Every car should have a spare tire in the trunk somewhere if it sustains a puncture while driving, and classic cars are no different. But with vintage cars, you likely need to get a new spare tire because of their age.

Most spare tires are only viable for roughly a decade before they degrade to the point where they’re unsafe for use. But when you replace the spare, make sure the new one will fit your car. Modern tires won’t work on older vehicles and can often cause problems with the suspension and balance.


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