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What Should Truckers Wear While on the Job?

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Truck driving is different from many other kinds of jobs and it requires special gear and equipment. This includes clothing, which is very important because truck drivers spend most of the day sitting. Here’s what truckers should wear while on the job to be most successful.

Comfortable Clothes

Being comfortable while you’re driving for long periods is super important as a truck driver. Well-fitting clothes that don’t constrain your body are crucial, as are fabrics that wick away moisture and sweat. However, truck drivers need to balance comfort with practicality and professionalism—if you wear PJs while you drive, that’s what you’ll be wearing if you get pulled over or reach your destination.

Good Shoes

One thing every trucker should wear while on the job is a good pair of shoes. Wear closed-toed shoes that secure onto your feet with laces or straps to make sure they’re not slipping while you drive. If you need to get out of your truck at the side of the road and inspect your truck for problems, you don’t want to be wearing flip-flops.

Work boots, tennis shoes, and utility shoes are your best options for quality footwear that work while you’re driving and making stops. Always break in new work boot before wearing them for a full day of driving, and don’t be afraid to add insoles to make them more comfortable.

Clean Cap

Lots of truckers like to wear hats while they drive. Hats are comfortable, they help your body regulate temperature, and they can make you more recognizable as a driver. However, lots of people forget to wash their caps now and then, which can trigger scalp problems, like acne and dandruff. Make sure to give your cap a wash now and then.

Safety Vest

Wearing a safety vest is often required when you’re picking up a load or dropping one off. These vests help other workers see drivers, including forklift operators and other people who may be operating dangerous machinery. When considering buying a high-vis safety vest, you should consider when and how you’ll be wearing it.

There are many benefits to becoming a truck driver, including the ability to work for yourself and see more of the country. However, it’s vital to be comfortable and safe while you’re out on the road. You’ll be much happier in the long run with the proper clothing and equipment.

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