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Five Huge Uber Driver Mistakes To Avoid

Uber Driver Mistakes

Driving for Uber or other rideshare services is a great way to make a little extra money as someone who loves cars and knows how to drive them well. But knowing how to drive a car doesn’t necessarily make someone a five-star Uber driver. If you want a successful ride-sharing career, these are the mistakes to avoid as an Uber driver.

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A Dirty Car

Most of the biggest mistakes to avoid as an Uber driver boil down to your passengers feeling unsafe. Your passengers may already be nervous about getting into a car with a stranger. They may not get in the car at all if it’s filthy. In our current climate, it isn’t enough to simply keep your car free of dirt and trash; you have to keep your car free of germs as well. Sanitizing your car between passengers will ensure they feel safe in your car.

Poor Driving Skills

Speaking of feeling safe while in a car, nothing makes a passenger feel more ill-at-ease than a driver who speeds, takes turns recklessly, cuts off other drivers, or drives distracted. Even if you are a safe driver, other bad driving habits like road rage will leave you with uncomfortable and potentially car sick drivers, not to mention a poor driver rating.

Uber Driver Mistakes: Navigation Errors

You can do everything right as a driver and still come off as incompetent depending on how well you know how to get where you are going. Having a phone mount so you can easily reference your GPS apps is a minimum, but relying too heavily on a GPS will also make you come off as inexperienced. Become familiar with your area so you not only avoid getting lost but also know the best routes to get places.

Not Handling Social Interactions Well

Riding in a car with a stranger can be awkward, but you can make it uncomfortable by not reading social cues. Many passengers will not want to chat, and it’s always safest to not offer conversation if they don’t. Some passengers will want to chat, in which case having a conversation is a good idea. However, avoid asking overly personal questions or oversharing, which is not only awkward but puts you at risk as well.

If a passenger is rude to you to the point that you feel personally attacked, uncomfortable, or unsafe, you can ask the passenger to leave your car and report them. But if you decide to respond to them, it can make the situation more dangerous, especially if you are actively driving the car.

Ignoring Rideshare Insurance

Because drivers typically have car insurance and Uber and Lyft provide special additional insurance, many drivers make the mistake of thinking they are fully covered. But Uber and Lyft’s insurance doesn’t cover you while you are waiting for passengers or when you are out of “driver” mode. If you want to have these times covered, you will need to invest in separate “ride-share insurance.”

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