Top Benefits of Wheel Spacers on Trucks

Wheel spacers are aftermarket components that allow you to move your wheels out from the vehicle’s body. They’re a popular and inexpensive improvement that has a lot to offer, both to street and off-road vehicles. Here are some of the top benefits of wheel spacers on trucks!

What Do Wheel Spacers Do?

Wheel spacers are attached to the wheel assembly. They create a gap between the assembly and the wheel by slotting between them. This allows the wheel to be placed further outward. The space between the wheel hub assembly and the wheel itself is thus increased. It’s vital to note that spacers only move the wheel, not the hub assembly. As a result, the distance between the wheel and the wheel well widens.

Top Benefits of Wheel Spacers

Even though wheel spacers provide many benefits, there are still some things to consider before putting them on your wheels, including:

  • Improved handling: Improved handling is one of the main advantages of wheel spacers for performance drivers. The car is more planted by increasing the distance between the left and right wheels. Overall handling, grip, and cornering are improved as a result of this.
  • Allows for larger tires: Wheel spacers allow owners of road-focused vehicles to install wider tires for improved traction and handling. Off-roaders frequently choose tires that are larger and taller than the standard tires. These tires would ordinarily scrape against the wheel wells or fender flares if they didn’t have spacers.
  • Gives the vehicle a unique look: Whether you like them or not, there’s no denying that wheel spacers alter the look of a vehicle. Mild spacers can make your wheels flush with the OEM fender flares, which some people like. Aggressive spacers will add a lot of aftermarket style to your vehicle, making it stand out from the crowd.

Are Wheel Spacers Safe?

High-quality wheel spacers are quite safe when correctly placed. Having wheels that aren’t covered by the fenders or wheel wells, on the other hand, may be banned in your area. These vehicle codes are intended to reduce the risk of pebbles and debris colliding with other motorists or pedestrians. To find out what the rules are in your area, look up your local laws. Wheel spacers can cause suspension parts to wear out more quickly. This can be harmful in the long run, but it isn’t necessarily dangerous. As such, be sure you choose the right wheel spacers for your truck.

We hope this article has helped you understand the top benefits of wheel spacers on trucks. Remember that wheel spacers are an inexpensive and effective way to ensure that your car stands out, but they do significantly alter the way your vehicle drives. As such, consider driving a vehicle with wheel spacers already installed to make sure you are getting what you desire!

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