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A Few Tips on How to Perform Car Maintenance on a Budget

The cost of keeping your car on the road goes beyond its purchase price and the financing costs you pay along the way.  Vehicle insurance adds another layer of expense, including higher insurance costs for more expensive vehicles.  Petrol is a significant expense too, especially for those racking-up lots of annual miles.

While most of these costs are anticipated by drivers, it isn’t always easy to predict repair and maintenance expenses ahead of time.  A Payday Loan could provide the funds needed for last minute repairs, just be sure to check you are getting the best rates available to you. For motorists on tight budgets, the best way to save on car upkeep is to stay ahead of maintenance needs. Before major problems arise.

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Change Lubricants Regularly

To operate properly, motor-cars rely on precise interactions between individual components.  Tolerances are dialed-in between metal parts, creating the ability for engines to engage in combustion.  As metal parts contact one another throughout the combustion sequence, they are prone to wear and oxidization.  Using proper lubricants keeps parts functioning smoothly and extends their useful lives.

Motor oil is the primary engine lubricant, which should be changed every few thousand miles.  The best oil to use for the job depends upon the temperatures where the vehicle is driven most often.  Special synthetic lubricants are also used in place of traditional motor oil, adding further protection for moving parts, especially those found in older vehicles.

Car chassis also require lubrication at points where individual parts meet.  Suspension components, for example rely on thick layers of grease to minimize friction and guarantee smooth rides.  Most lube points are found near ball-shaped joints that move unrestricted within coupling that help control vehicle steering.

Other mechanical assemblies, like bonnet and door latches, require lubrication less frequently because they are not subjected to the harsh elements impacting undercarriage car parts.  White lithium grease, applied every few years, keeps them functioning without incident.

Maintenance Prolongs Tyre Life

Squeezing additional life out of tyres is one way to save money on motoring.  That is not to say risky treadles rubbers should be used for driving, but there are ways to extend functional tyre life without putting yourself at risk.

To help them wear slower, keep tyres inflated to the proper pressures at all times.  Manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressures are found on the sidewall of most models, providing ranges for proper inflation.  When tyres are allowed to deflate below prescribed fills, they wear unevenly and remain vulnerable to sidewall splits caused by tire sagging.

Driving habits contribute to tyre wear too, especially when tyres rub against the kerb, causing them to give-out prematurely.  Valve stems take damage too, but can be replaced inexpensively in many cases.  Always use valve stem caps to protect the mechanisms regulating tyre pressure.

Choose Car Repair Shops Carefully

High-profile dealers do not always provide economical repair services for the vehicles they sell.  Depending on what needs fixing, independent shopssometimes offer repairs for fractions of what dealers charge.  In some cases, particular expertise is required to work on car models, making dealer technicians the most qualified specialists to repair your car.  But for routine repairs and standard maintenance, smaller shops offer greater value than showy dealer facilities.

Referrals are the best ways to locate trustworthy car repair shops, providing first-hand testimonials and information about repair costs at specific shops.

Do it Yourself

Cash-starved motorists save money on car repairs and maintenance by having a stab at fixing minor car issues themselves.  It doesn’t pay to take apart your car, only to find your knowledge base is not sufficient to put it back together.  Tackle projects within your grasp, even if only oil-changes and other minor maintenance needs.

Internet resources provide how-to instructions for many reasonable repairs, including videos uploaded by other do-it-yourself home mechanics.

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