The M5 and why you need one ASAP



Barely Street Legal But It Is

Whoever was sitting at BMW one day and thought up the M series should be made into a prince. More importantly whoever was also at BMW and came up with the idea for the M5 should be made a king!

For those of you unfamiliar with the M series of BMW they are essentially the higher end more powerful versions of BMW’s regular models such as the 1, 3, 5, and 6 series. As if cars like the BMW 550 weren’t already fast and powerful, the M takes it to a whole new level. Surprisingly you are able to stay under the radar with these cars and look like just another car on the road, compared to a lambo or rolls for example, yet have all of the power of many of those super cars. In fact to really get to the level of lambos and other supercars, you can even upgrade your M series!

Take your M Series BMW to the Beamer customizer known as Hamann, and you will end up with not only an even cooler looking Beamer but will end up with all of the power too. From customizing the body kit to what is under the hood you are going to end up with something so fast, there are very few people who can beat you on the road, no matter where in the world you are.

So what’s the damage? Well your going to really want around $100K budget to get into your M5 all customized and then modded by one of the tops, we recommend Hamann, but not from personal experience… yet. Seeing as the M5 starts off at around 412 horespower before customization, I’m pretty sure you won’t be missing out on any power. Get yourself into one today and let’s vroom vroom it up!

Signed, Josh Bois – Co-Founder Global Good Networks

Rick Jeffries
Rick Jeffries
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