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How To Wax Your Jeep’s Hardtop

How To Wax Your Jeep’s Hardtop

Waxing one’s hardtop is a somewhat controversial topic in the Jeep world. Some advise against waxing, as they believe that doing so risks ruining the hardtop. Others, however, believe that waxing the hardtop is one of the best forms of protection against rain, snow, pollen, and other debris that can harm the vehicle’s paint job. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. If you’re on the pro-waxing side of the equation, here are some tips on how to wax your Jeep’s hardtop.

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Take off the Top and Clean It

The first step to waxing your Jeep’s hardtop is to take it off and clean it. If you don’t clean the top completely before you attempt to wax it, you won’t be able to apply the wax properly. Additionally, any dirt or grime that is left on the car while you apply the wax could end up scratching the hardtop’s clear coat of paint. As such, it is important to carefully wash the top before waxing it.

Taking the hardtop off your Jeep will allow you to get into all the small cracks and crevices more easily, ensuring you can clean it properly. To easily take off your Jeep’s hardtop without damaging it or hurting yourself, consider using a Jeep hardtop removal tool.

Gather the Necessary Materials

The materials you use to wax your Jeep’s hardtop can have a large impact on how well the end result turns out. Aside from the wax product of your choice, cloth rags are one of the most important pieces of equipment to have on hand.

Make sure you have a substantial amount of rags in order to evenly spread the wax or effectively remove the dried wax when necessary. The cloths should be either cotton or microfiber and must be clean. If the cloths aren’t clean, the wax may not apply properly, or the debris left on the rags may scratch the paint on the hardtop. If you don’t want to buff the wax by hand using rags, you can also opt for a power buffer.

Apply the Wax in a Shaded Location

When you’re ready to apply the wax, make sure to move your Jeep’s hardtop to a shaded location. If you attempt to apply wax to the hardtop in a hot, sunny location, the wax can bake into the textured top, which can be very challenging to resolve. Plus, certain wax products may evaporate if you apply them in an environment that is too hot.

Once you have found shade, spray the wax evenly on the hardtop and gently rub it into the hardtop with a cloth. After you have formed a light film on the surface of the hardtop, let it dry. Use a cloth or power buffer to buff the film off, and you’re all set.

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