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Five Tips for Overcoming Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety

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When you first purchase your electric vehicle, it can be challenging to understand its charging capacity and range. A lack of certainty often leaves drivers worried about their cars stopping mid-trip due to a drained battery. However, there are several ways to overcome electric vehicle range anxiety. Be sure to follow these five tips to drive with confidence!

Charge Up at Home

After your long commute to work or running errands, remember to plug in while your car sits in the garage. The next time you drive, your vehicle will have a full battery. Charging your vehicle while you’re at home can reduce range anxiety, as you likely won’t have to worry about charging your vehicle mid-trip next time. Considering that an EV’s total range is higher than the average person travels each day, charging the vehicle at home can provide enough for a typical day’s worth of driving.

Be Mindful About Your Speed

Whether your trip is short or long, it is important to maintain your speed. Watching your speed can save your car battery because traveling faster expends more energy. You will notice the charge drains much slower when maintaining the speed limit and accelerating gradually.

Plan Your Road Trips

If you are going on a long trip, you should fully plan all stops and charging stations prior to departure. Calculate the mileage to ensure you have enough battery life to reach each stopping point. Additionally, you should check that there are stations to replenish your vehicle during your rest period.

Utilize Charging Station Apps

There are tons of applications that will inform you of all EV charging stations on the road. If your battery is getting low, these apps will show you the nearest plug-in spot. Some popular choices include:

  • ChargePoint
  • EVgo
  • PlugShare
  • Volta

Prioritize Using Smart Chargers

When searching for chargers for public use, try to find “smart” chargers instead of “dumb” chargers. Smart chargers offer a better user experience, as you can track its status and schedule when to charge your vehicle, allowing you to remain informed about your car’s charge.

Electric vehicle range anxiety is real. When you feel nervous on the road, follow these five tips for overcoming your fear of a drained car battery. These strategies can help you ensure that your car stays running throughout your whole trip. Don’t hesitate to hit the road with your new EV—you and your vehicle can keep the Earth cleaner and the streets safer!

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