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Classic Cars for Beginner Car Collectors

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While some first-time vintage car owners may be able to afford to start with a Porsche or Lamborghini, most of us don’t have family wealth or million-dollar enterprises to cater to our classic car addictions. If you’re interested in starting a classic car collection but don’t know where to begin, take a look at these classic cars for beginner car collectors.

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Volkswagen Beetle

VW Beetles ruled the 1960s and ’70s. Many of your neighbors and friends likely owned one. They are well-engineered, well-built, and exciting to drive; plus, parts are numerous. However, the Beetles from 1968 and later have better bumper protection and a constant supply of materials and repair know-how. Even if it’s not your first classic, the Beetle or Super Beetle is a great buy for around $10,000. These are among the most popular classic cars for beginner car collectors.


After WWII, the MGB was the car that acquainted most Americans with the glories of sports cars. They are easy to maintain, and you won’t have any trouble finding spare parts. Plus, while they’re not extremely fast, they are a lot of fun to drive. A respectable driver-quality car with a rubber bumper is available for less than $10,000, while the best early models can cost well over $20,000.


Corvettes are highly collectible since they are America’s longest-lasting sports cars. Their charm lies in their broad spectrum of performance and pricing. The C4 launched the Corvette into the future, and the cars’ handling, durability, and horsepower improved with time. Specialists, events, and organizations are all available to help you find parts, services, and fellow fans.

Willys MB

The spirit of the Willys MB  captured the hearts of fighters battling for freedom. Soldiers and their jeep 4x4s frequently formed strong emotional ties. The devoted MB won a place in each and every GI’s heart, across every theater of battle, and in every imaginable function. These are some of the most desired cars in the collecting circuit, and a WWII-era Jeep can run from high four-figures to low five-figures.

If you’re looking to start collecting vintage and classic cars, you can’t go wrong with any of the above options. Whether you want a sleek sports car or a classic vehicle with some historical value, collecting cars can be one of the most fun and rewarding hobbies.


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