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Can You Add a Turbocharger to Just Any Car?

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Sometimes driving on the road can feel boring when you don’t have the car of your dreams. You fantasize about power and getting your vehicle up to speeds at a quicker rate. So a turbocharger might be up your alley. But can you add a turbocharger to just any car? Let’s find out.

What Is a Turbocharger?

A turbocharger is a device fitted to a vehicle’s engine, designed to improve overall efficiency and increase performance. It’s a significant reason many auto manufacturers choose to place turbochargers in their cars. Many newer vehicle models offer a turbocharged engine option for those who want to feel power while on the road.

The turbocharger works through two halves joint by a shaft. One side creates hot exhaust gasses that spine the turbine while the other sucks air in and compresses it within the engine. From there, the compression gives the engine further efficiency and power. So the more air that goes through the combustion chamber, the more strength the car receives.

Do Turbochargers Work for All Cars?

Can you add a turbocharger to just any car? In short, most likely. When looking for more horsepower, exhaust and intake modifications can only do so much. So forced induction through turbochargers is often the choice many modifiers gravitate toward. Putting a turbocharger on a naturally-aspirated engine doesn’t necessarily change how the engine works overall.

When it comes to installing a turbocharger, it can become complex. You’ll need differently sized turbos to achieve different RPM ranges, vane geometries, and the overall placement of the turbo itself.

Notable Turbocharged Cars

While installing a turbocharger can increase overall car value, you can find many car models on the market that already include a turbocharger. For instance, a Volkswagen GTI is a fun car to customize and already has a turbocharger equipped. Other notable cars with a turbocharger include the Volvo V60, Honda Civic, Audi A3, and the Hyundai Sonata.

Whether you find a new car that comes with a turbocharger installed or plan on installing one yourself, make sure to remain safe. Contact a professional and get their opinion on what will work best for your car.

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