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3 Mistakes People Make When Selling Their Car

Selling Their Car

Selling your car puts money in your pocket and makes way for a new car in your driveway. But you have to make the sale first. Avoid these three mistakes people make when selling their car.

1. Repairing Too Much or Too Little

One of the best tips for selling your car fast is to have a thorough maintenance check. Sometimes, it’s worth your time, effort, and money to fix minor repairs. At other times, you could be wasting your efforts on repairs that offer no worthwhile return.

Small repairs such as buffing out scratches, replacing your brakes, and changing the burnt out or dim head- and taillights will make your car more attractive. These simple fixes can help you sell your car faster or for a better price.

But heftier repairs, such as fixing problems with your car’s engine or transmission, are not likely worth the trouble. If you can’t make the repairs, disclose the car’s condition honestly to potential buyers. It will take longer to sell your car than if it were in better condition, but you won’t be sinking money into expensive repairs.

2. Not Cleaning the Car Thoroughly

The next mistake people make when selling their car is not cleaning the car thoroughly. An auto detail can increase your car’s value by cleaning and restoring your car to like-new conditions. A professional auto detailer will revitalize the exterior and interior of your car.

Exterior services can include wash and dry, bumper repair, paint touch up, and engine detailing. Interior services can include vacuuming, scrubbing and brushing, steam cleaning, and a special leather cleaning.

3. Letting Sentimentality Set the Price

It makes sense to feel sentimental about your vehicle. For many people, their car is more than a tool for getting around. In your car, you’ve had conversations with people you care about, sang karaoke, and gone on adventures. You’ve racked up miles and memories.

But don’t let your attachment set the price of your car. Know the market value of your vehicle and set the price within that range. You might hope for a higher price, but you don’t want sticker shock to turn away potential buyers.

Evaluate the interior and exterior condition of your car. Consider other factors such as your transmission type, the number of previous owners, including yourself, and special features.

Finally, look at used car sales online and compare prices of at least five cars like yours in your local market. Use these local values and information about the condition of the cars to set your price.

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