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Be Safe and Sound whilst Driving your Van

Due to their size and usual good crash test ratings, vans are often considered to be some of the safest vehicles on the road. But safety isn’t always just about what happens in the event of a collision. Vans have some drawbacks that few people, van drivers themselves often included, really stop to consider. Here is some helpful advice and information for first time van drivers.

For the purposes of illustrating van safety, one insurance company has created a video about van safety and the importance of being properly covered in the event of an accident. You can watch the video here to learn more about what safety hazards vans can pose and how to protect yourself in the event of an accident. AutoConvo thinks these are the top areas to look at in van safety so lets see how to keep hazzard free.

They can be Tricky to Handle

Owing to their size and configuration; vans are more dangerous to back up than nearly any other vehicle. The enclosed back ends make visibility less than optimal, and their size can make it difficult to judge how far out one really is. These problems can be compounded in work or cargo vans, in which equipment or other items can further obscure the view from the driver’s seat. Shockingly, statistics show that van drivers are up 142% more likely to suffer a collision while backing up than other drivers.

The Weather is a Factor

Vans can also be difficult to handle in unpleasant weather conditions. While their weight works in their favour in finding traction on wet or slick roads, it can also make them difficult to regain control of if they do begin to slide. This is particularly true on roads that are obstructed by snow or ice. Unfortunately, for those who use a van as a work vehicle, there is little option but to keep that van on the road in all weather, regardless of whether or not the van will do well in those conditions.

Sleep is important

Another problem that commonly arises from the use of vans as a work vehicle is driver tiredness. People who employ vans as work vehicles tend to have jobs that are heavy on manual labour and require long work hours. For this reason, vans are more likely than any other vehicle to be crashed due to tiredness on the part of the driver. This makes it imperative that drivers stay awake and alert, even after a long day on the job.
For these reasons and more, it is extremely important that van owners, particularly those who use a van as their primary work vehicle, have good insurance to cover them. Accidents can happen to even the most careful of drivers.


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