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Turning Around: Why Tire Dealers Recommend Rotating Your Tires


Whenever you purchase tires from one of the many tire dealers in your area, you will probably be told to have them rotated every 6,000 miles. Many people ignore this advice, since requires them to either rotate the tires themselves or pay for someone else to do it. What these people do not know is that rotating your tires on schedule can actually save you time and money, since it allows you to get additional years out of each set of tires. In the end, it is a good idea to follow the advice of your tire specialist and do whatever you can to keep your tires in the best shape possible.

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Save Your Tires

Purchasing new tires is a major expenditure, so you will want to minimize the frequency with which you are force to do it. If you do not rotate your tires regularly, the tires will get worn down on one side. Once this occurs, it is unsafe to rotate them and you must replace the tires. While some people do not rotate their tires because it costs them a small amount of money, not doing so could end up costing you hundreds of dollars. In the end, the better care you take of your tires, the longer they will last and the more money you will save.

Better Performance

When you visit tire dealers in your area, your goal is to get the best tires for the lowest price. This is because better tires help your car to perform better and, therefore, keep you safer on the road. Rotating your tires helps maximize your traction on the road, which gives you better control over the vehicle. You will also have a smoother drive, better acceleration and your tires will grip better when you have to brake suddenly. This is because properly rotated tires wear evenly, which prevents one side of the vehicle from having better traction than the other.

Use Less Gas

In today’s world, it is important to do whatever you can to minimize the amount of fuel that you use. One reason why tire dealers recommend regular rotations is because it will save you money on gas. When one side of your vehicle has more tread than the other side, it creates horizontal friction between your tires and the road. This creates drag on your car, so your engine has to work harder than it would have to without this additional drag.

Winter Driving

Of particular importance is rotating your snow tires, as this gives you better grip on the ice and snow. Driving in the winter with tires that have not been rotated is very dangerous, as one side of your vehicle could lose contact with the road if it does not have enough traction, making it very easy for you to lose control of the car. The safety of you and your family should be your primary concern and going through with this service is one way in which you can lessen the chance of something bad happening on the road.

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