The Scion FR-S: A Daily Driver Racecar

An affordable, high-performance sports car does exist, and it goes by the name of the Scion FR-S. Toyota off shoot Scion has a well earned reputation for offering one of a kind vehicles at incredible prices, and the FR-S is a shining example of that. With a design that puts a unique and modern twist on the premium sports cars of the past, the two door FR-S is a shining example of the innovation and evolution of the young automaker. Recently celebrating its ten year anniversary, the Toyota offshoot has built a loyal following comprised mostly of younger drivers. The automaker has managed to pull off the difficult task of creating a sports car that is equally comfortable on the racetrack or as a daily driver.

The Scion Vision

The Scion brand came to fruition as the result of Toyota’s interest in experimenting with vehicle designs and pursuing new approaches for marketing and advertising their products. The first two Scions hit the American market in late 2004. The 2004 xB model rapidly caught the attention of auto critics and consumers alike with its inventive boxy, cubelike design. As the old adage goes, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” and the xB has created a number of imitators, none of which have been able to match the popularity of the xB. With an advertising and marketing strategy that focuses on youth friendly “viral” and “guerilla” marketing, Scion has the distinction of having the lowest median consumer age in the auto industry. Scion’s commitment to offering vehicles that owners can customize to express themselves has become a major theme behind the brand.

The Birth of the Scion FR-S

The Scion FR-S was met with highly favorable reception upon its release in 2012; critics and drivers alike were wowed by the fact that an automaker could produce a fast, tight handling sports car at such a low price. The smooth and agile suspension of the FR-S, enhanced by the sports car’s low body style, also impressed drivers and critics. The engine design of the FR-S was unique in that it didn’t follow the common trend sport car manufacturing trend of focusing entirely on horsepower; the automaker chose to match available horsepower with agile handling that is fueled by the overall lightness of the vehicle.

The 2013 Scion FR-S

Like its predecessor, the 2013 FR-S has been met with rave reviews. Similar to the 2012, the rear wheel drive 2013 FR-S packs a sports car punch at an affordable price. A powerful four cylinder front mounted flat Boxer engine sits under the hood, capable of delivering swift 0-60 acceleration and 150 lb per ft torque. Much of the FR-S’ speedy performance is derived from the small size of the vehicle. Coming in at just under 14 feet high and just over four feet high, the FR-S has a nearly perfect low center of gravity. FR-S drivers are simply thrilled by its racecar like performance.

The exterior of the FR-S is a smooth combination of rounded lines and distinct, sharp equipment. The front of the SR-S is defined by viper-like head lights that sit above an aggressive black grill. Towing the line between a luxury car and sports car, the overall liveliness of the FR-S exterior is topped off by striking 18 inch alloy wheels.

The interior of the FR-S offers the excellent host of features common to Scions. Front sport bucket seats are the centerpiece of the futuristic styled interior, which includes a premium iPod® capable Pioneer® sound system to provide crisp audio for fueling a fun drive. Like the rest of the Scion fleet, a wealth of add-ons and dealer accessories are available for the sports car, ranging from aesthetic choices to interior enhancements to engine and exterior performance boosters. One of the most alluring features of the FR-S is how jam packed the standard model is. While some drivers choose to customize their vehicle to their creative desire, the stock FR-S model is truly a one of a kind vehicle.

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