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Seven Common Automobile Accidents and Tips for How to Avoid Them

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While driving is a common activity for most people, it can be easy to forget that accidents could happen at any time. Even the most experienced driver has to pay attention to certain hazards. Here are seven of the most common accidents and how you can make sure you do not become a victim of them.

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Rear-End Collisions

These collisions can occur at stop signs, intersections or even tightly packed roads when the car coming up behind you doesn’t have the space required to stop. To avoid this scenario, make sure you leave extra space when stopping so that if the driver behind you doesn’t have quite enough room to stop, you can always move ahead.

Backing Up in a Parking Lot

In a busy parking lot with limited vision, it can be easy to incur a minor collision when you fail to see another car in the laneway. While there is no guarantee that backing up more slowly will eliminate an incident altogether, it is more likely that you or the other driver will recognize the situation before it becomes more problematic.

Slipping on Icy Roads

While roads can be dangerous in good weather conditions, ice adds another dimension to standard driving issues since it’s not uncommon for a driver to slide through an intersection and collide with another vehicle. To avoid this, take extra caution when the roads are icy. Make sure that all vehicles come to a complete stop before entering the intersection.

Navigating and Driving

Trying to navigate an area you’re unfamiliar with while driving can lead to a rushed turn and end with your vehicle hitting a garbage bin, a road sign or someone else’s property. In driving situations where you’re unsure of where you’re going, always pull over and consult a map so you aren’t forced to navigate and drive at the same time.

Making a Right Turn on a Red

While you can legally turn right at a red light, if a car coming in the opposite direction has an advance green light for left turns, you might find yourself in a pickle. Though you don’t have to avoid turning at red lights altogether, you should realize that a red light means the cross traffic has the right of way. Always double check to make sure there is no turning traffic.

Hitting a Pothole

Though less dangerous than many other common accidents, hitting a pothole can still wreak havoc on your car with the potential of a tire blowout and possible accident. By driving the posted speed limit and watching the roads carefully, you should be able to avoid hitting one of these.

Following Too Close

It’s not uncommon to be in front of a driver who hovers at your bumper, potentially causing a bust up when you stop quickly. While aggressive drivers are always going to be on the road, you can avoid an accident by speeding up to get out of their way or staying out of the offender’s lane altogether.

Driving is a daily activity for most of us, but there are plenty of dangers that can make it less than every day. While there are things you can do to avoid a collision, in the event of an accident you may want to consult a car accident attorney who will help you determine your options.

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