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New Volvo Trucks Featuring Sporty i-Shift Dual Clutch


Volvo Truck on High Way - High Tech Volvo Trucks Drivable By Consumers - Sponsored Volvo Review by Josh Bois Global Entrepreneur

 Sporty Dual Clutches Make It To Commercial Volvo Trucks

Dual Clutch technology is not new, but where it is new is the latest place it was just applied! The new series of Volvo trucks, are now available with the i-Switch dual clutch! This makes it much more like a sports car for those who do drive it whether you are a regular driver or a commercial driver! Here at Auto Convo we pride ourselves on bringing you some of the latest auto content from around the world and trying to make it fun, however, Volvo did the job for us when they released this new technology and marketed it through their latest campaign! To showcase this monumental moment for the brand they decided to go with a viral video concept! 

So how does it play out? Well the location of the set is on the foreign coasts at a beautiful Casino. All of these high-rollers are rolling up in their very nice cars and then all of a sudden the Valet has to take care of a huge Volvo Truck! Then it cuts to the valet’s face in amazement like how should I deal with this! He actually looks back at his superior and right at the hidden cameras not knowing that they are there. It is truly a hilarious reaction and even though you don’t get to see the valet drive the car away it is still quite funny!

The whole point of this campaign though is that you realize that Volvo is innovating! As a previous Volvo owner, S40 Turbo, even though I have moved to VW for my most recent car, I will always have a bond with them! Volvo’s are known for their world class safety features and there are not many cars out there that I would trust more than a Volvo in a wreck. Perhaps their SUV’s may be even more safe then the smaller sedans since they are bulkier but that is just my opinion not a researched fact! Anyways this video is quite funny and does capture some funny expressions from a valet who does not know what to do. Also, is it me or does this valet have a pretty sweet job because some of the cars that pull up in this video are super nice and I would love to drive them, even if it was just for a minute or two as I parked them. I would be so worried about scratching them or hurting them, even in the smallest form!

Anyways let us know your comments about this in the section below! We look forward to chatting with some of you and getting your thoughts on these vehicles. Do any of you out there actually drive a Volvo truck, like the commercial kind? We would love to do a video interview with you and share it below this post or in a brand new one, lets talk!


Inspelning av Volvo reklamfilm i San Remo Inspelning av Volvo reklamfilm i San Remo

Anyways, again let us know your thoughts in the comments below and check out the videos!

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