McLaren 650s Can Am – A True Work of Art

McLaren is a name that rings loud and far in the automotive industry, and has for many many years.  Their newest project, the McLaren 650s Can Am really incorporates a ton of the history of the company in the curves and aesthetics of the car itself.  It is also set to celebrate the 50 year mark for the start of the Can Am Championship win.

If you are hoping to get your hands on one of these any time soon, you better start saving up!  There are only going to be “50 Examples” worldwide in honor of the 50-year anniversary, so you can bet the retail on these will be high, same as the quality and engineering of this delicious beast.

The company provides an in-depth video that goes into all of the specs and technical details of the car that simply can’t be expressed in words alone.

Check out the video of the McLaren 650s Can Am below:

Check out some more images of this stunning vehicle:


Rick Jeffries
Speaker, Writer, Trend-setter, and Founder of Ventures Marketing.

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