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How to Get Your Car Repairs Paid For You




Dealer Warranties

When you purchase a new vehicle many manufacturers offer limited  warranties as a standard feature.  You can also purchase an extended  warranty to cover things such as the engine and transmission.  These  extended warranties may seem expensive or unnecessary at the time you  purchase the vehicle.  When you find your car in the shop and no money  in the bank the purchase of an extended warranty can make a difference.

Auto Repair Insurance

Many companies offer Auto Repair Insurance.  It is important to find a  reputable company to avoid scams.  Many repair insurance companies are  contracted by auto insurance companies, dealerships and banks or  financial institutions. These plans will charge a premium for coverage  as well as a deductible at the time services are rendered.  Be sure if  you purchase Auto Repair Insurance that you are aware of all the  applicable rules such as approved repair shops and out of pocket costs.


When your car is in the shop and your bank account is low, if you  haven’t purchased warranties or insurance there is still a way to pay.  If you own a home you can take out a home equity loan.  If you do not  own a home you can choose either a personal loan or a payday loan. Personal loans rely on your credit score where payday loans do not. The main difference is the amount of interest you will pay and how long you  will have to pay it off. Personal loans have a lower interest rate based on your credit score whereas payday loans have set interest rates that are usually over 100% of the loan.

Financing Through the Repair Shop

In addition to applying for a loan through your bank or a payday loan  place, you can also apply for direct financing through the repair shop.   Many people will be denied the loan based on an imperfect credit score.   This is because like store credit cards lending institutions don’t see  these lines of credit as an absolute necessity.  Like other loans you  will have to pay interest and make payments on a scheduled date and have  the balance paid off within a set amount of time.  Not all repair shops  offer financing options so if you are looking at major repairs; make  sure that you will have the option to finance.  If your repair shop does  offer financing you should ask to apply at the time you take your car  in.

Friends and Family

There is one method to paying for your car repairs that doesn’t require  set payments, credit checks and interest.  If you have close friends or  family that would be willing to lend or give you the money, this may be  an option for you.  Inevitably you will be expected to pay the money  back, but friends and family are more lenient about how long you can  take to pay and rarely do they charge interest.  It is never an ideal  situation to ask others for money but when your car is in the shop, the  bank account is drained and the credit cards are maxed out, those  closest to you can be the only option you have.

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