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Car Tires: Hitting the Tarmac with Proper Rubber

I happen to live close to a car racing field and every time that I go to the races, I not only enjoy myself thoroughly and live in the moment, but I also take a keen look at the car tyres hitting the racing grounds. I have had the privilege of meeting many of the world-famed drivers in person and had my autograph signed by some of them in a racing arena. In fact, when Ayrton Senna was still alive, I bought an incredibly expensive ticket just to go and watch him do his thing, and join the other fans in the frenzy of cheering along. I have always been mesmerised by the treads of car tyres not only because of their beauty and image of valiance, but also because of their real real purpose.

Research is the Name of the Game

If you are crazy about cars like me, it would pay off to do some decent research into the things that you care about the most, and I did the same with car tyres. I was dumbfounded at the astronomical amounts of money that tyre companies spend every year trying to perfect the treads of their car tyres with the main aim of capturing the whole market share. The strength, performance and durability of car tyres depends on many factors some of which are not so obvious especially to the average motorist concerned only with driving their cars and nothing else. Apart from the quality of the rubber used in the manufacture of car tyres, the mixture of other additives used to strengthen the tyres is critical to the quality of the end result.

In fact, competing tyre companies often keep these unique formulas a secret from their competitors just like Coca-Cola keeps its own ingredient-mixing and production secrets from Pepsi Co. and other rival companies. As consumers, this state of affairs leaves us only with limited options of finding out the better one to go with, or how to get the best value for our money. Whatever the materials used or the combination of materials in the manufacturing of car tyres, it is true that the tread of the tyres plays a very crucial role in their overall performance on the road. It is really how the car tyres interact with the terrain that it encounters that actually sets it apart from the rest and keeps competition at bay.

Be Sure to Check a Tyre’s Reputation

Good reputation tyres have been known to handle well in certain kinds of terrain while the opposite is true for car tyres with a bad reputation in the market. I once bought a set of poor quality car tyres by mistake as I scrambled to get a huge discount and was greatly disappointed within just a couple of months. It just so happened that I knew the owners of the tyre service centre very well and I shared with them my dissatisfaction with their products. I had been a long-term customer and they gladly replaced my car tyres for free but I had to pay the premium for the new set of car tyres that I chose.

It is true that sometimes, dealing with the same tyre service centre or purchasing your car tyres from the same dealer can earn you hidden value that only appear whenever they are needed. However, I found out that it is the magic of the treads of the car tyres that helps greatly to achieve this iconic feat of strength, reputation and performance. If you look closely at the treads of different car tyres in a tyre shop, you will find or notice certain specific patterns for different kinds of performance tyres. Even though you may pay a premium to get car tyres with a certain kind of tread known to handle very well, you are definitely bound to get the full value of your money and more.

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