BMW i8 Review + Bonus Test Drive AC Schnitzer i8

For BMW to make a sports car, that is also a hybrid is nothing less than revolutionary. The BMW i8 uses an all-electric motor and a TwinPower turbo engine to give it that BMW ultimate driving experience. With a full charge on the electric motor and a full tank of gas, the BMW i8 is capable of traveling up to 330 miles. The BMW i8 is a automobile like no other: built for the future, but available now.

Quick Links:

PerformanceDriving ModesTechnologyEquipmentSpecsPricing | Video + Test Drive (SABG UAE)

Photos of the BMW i8

BMW i8 at Car Show BMW i8 Interior i8 BMW-i8 BMW BMW i8 BMW i8

Credit: bankerwin /

Watch The Test Drive Below or check out the quick links.  Be sure to leave your thoughts below in the comments section.


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