BMW i8: In a Class of its Own

The BMW i8 surely deserves a class of its own simply because there is no other car like it. It is an electric hybrid sports car. It’s futueistic design gives it a cunning new feel for a breed of future cars that are to come. Though it priced at £94,845, it has an average mile per gallon rate of 135. Also, the car produces a top speed of 155 mph. From a business perspective, you’re paying for a car that is the first of its kind and that averages 4 times more than most fuel efficient cars. For instance on a month to month basis, it would be a better investment to be a daily commuter than any other car because your car payments will probably average out being the same but you will save at least twice as much on gas. If the payments get too hectic, there always is the opportunity to sell the car with great return because there is a little supply and a ton of demand for a used BMW i8. Though you are paying over $120,000, you are paying for BMW’s elegant style, class, and smooth power. After all, who wouldn’t want a hybrid sports car; something very few people in the world can even fathom in the first place?

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