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Big Vehicles: A Few Tips and Tricks When Driving a Horse Box

Horse boxes are huge motorized vehicles that are made for carrying around and transporting horses. Breeders and trainers use these quite a bit when going from one competition and event to the next. These vehicles can also get quite expensive due to all their features and amenities. Because the size of the motorized vehicles is so large, it pays to know a few tips and tricks when driving these boxes. After all, you’re not going to handle a vehicle of this size in the same way that you would a family sedan! Here are just a few tips and tricks when driving a horse box.

Avoid Abrupt and Sudden Maneuvers

You’re driving a huge, motorized vehicle when you’re behind the wheel of a horse box, so the most important thing to keep in mind is never to attempt any abrupt or sudden maneuvers. This is especially applicable in situations when the roads are wet with ice or grease or anything else slippery. It’s advised by the experts at Empire Coachbuilders, that you drive only steadily and smoothly, and that you slow down each time you go into a bend or a curve. If you apply the brakes, be careful to only apply even pedal pressure. Any such light pressure must still allow the wheels to roll.

Watch Out For the Rain

Rain is not your friend when you’re maneuvering a vehicle of this size and weight. Rain makes the road conditions all the more perilous due to the already slippery road surface that’s brought about by rubber and oil residue. In this situation, the driving will be continually hazardous until the road contaminants finally get washed away by the rain. Hydroplaning might also result from the rain; this is when tires actually run on top of the rainwater instead of the road due to the tires’ inability to channel water away quickly enough. Unless you slow down your speed, you’ll be likely to skid on the road in such circumstances.

Make Sure To Use Your Headlights

Depending on where in the country you’re driving and during what time of day and season, you may encounter fog. This is perilous since it cuts down your visibility, but you can use your low-beam headlights to help improve your visibility. Just be certain to leave yourself enough stopping time. As the fog and the conditions get worse, be sure to increase the space ahead of you on the road. If conditions get windy, react by slowing down your driving speed.

These are a few of the best tips and tricks when it comes to driving your horse box. These pieces of advice are meant to help you drive your motorized vehicle as safely as humanly possible. Driving such a huge and heavy vehicle is very different than driving a regular car or even an SUV, so be mindful of that. By driving extra carefully and making allowances for the type of vehicle that you’re maneuvering, you stand a much better chance of getting your horses – and yourself – to your destination in one piece.

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