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AC Schnitzer’s ACL2


At first glance the AC Schnitzer’s new ACL2 shines like an untamed beast and that is exactly what it could be. BMW decided to make the new ACL2 to outshine their phenomenal BMW M2 and they have done so by impeccable marks. What other engine to use than a 3.0 inline-six. BMW upgraded the power to 570 horsepower and 365 hp, something to leave the M2 in dust! Believe this car has more potential than given.

The Difference

BMW’s ACL2 reaches from 0-62 miles per hour in 3.9 seconds with a top speed of 205 miles per hour. So what leaves the M2 in the dust? Well the BMW M2 is governor restricted to 155 miles per hour. So why not tune the BMW M2 right? Well unlike previous 335 models, tunes for these German models are known to blow twin-turbos more often. Is this why AC Schnitzer created this monster?

Performance Upgrades

Upgrades for the BMW ACL2 have increased exponentially to get the optimize power. The intake is made of light weight carbon fiber. A lightweight battery has been added as well. AC Scneitzer has also added a Drezler differential system to help for rain and turning. Upgraded metals are used for the exhaust, its downpipe, catalytic converter, and tailpipes. Brakes are also upgraded to carbon-ceramic brake discs.


Not everything about this car will increase specs. But, its dark green paint gives it a vicious look to stop traffic. What does increase specs is the front splitter nearly inches from the ground. Its wing faces down to add aerodynamic capabilities for its shape vs staying planted for other M models. Its five spoke orange trim rims are 20 inches in width


Since AC Schnitzer designed this BMW from top to bottom it is only right they add their mark. AC Schneitzer badging is found inside as well as their pedals, upgraded seats, their aftermarket handbrake as well as carbon fiber.


AC Scnnitzer claims this car is just a concept so it has yet to come into further production. They say this coupe is only for their company product development. Putting together all the parts to make a clone ACL2 would cost about 161,500 claims AC Scnnitzer. Lets hope they release a concept M3!



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