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A Few Key Insights on Keeping Your Car Running Efficiently


A car can last a lifetime if it’s looked after with the correct care and respect. Advances in technology now allow for the making of cars with excellent metallurgy, this has largely contributed to the high levels of efficiency that can be found in cars today. However, a vehicles level of efficiency fundamentally depends on the maintenance that is carried out on it.

Generally speaking, new cars can run beyond 150,000 miles if they are well maintained. Some cars have a great reputation and are known to run for longer while needing fewer services and repairs. Buying a car can be quite expensive and you want to get the maximum amount of value out of your purchase. Here are some tips that will keep your car running efficiently at all times…

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Pay attention to the manufacturers’ manual.

Irrespective of the fact if a car is new or second hand, it should come with a manufacturer’s manual. It is important to read through this manual and pay attention to significant details that it may contain. Most manuals will list the different car parts that need to be replaced when a certain amount of mileage has been covered. For example, a timing belt may need to be replaced when a cars mileage reaches 90,000 miles. Overlooking vital information like this may result in your car becoming seriously damaged.

Set aside some cash for emergency repairs.

A car is likely to breakdown a number of times in its lifetime, and it’s important to be financially prepared for these situations. Vehicle repairs can be quite expensive so it is a good idea to set aside some cash to use should your car need urgent repairs. This enables repairs to be carried out straight away, and will prevent any further damage that may be caused by a car being driven in its already damaged state.

Take notice of your car and listen to what it’s telling you.

You can tell a lot by the sound of a car and you should constantly be on the lookout for any unusual noises, vibrations or clatters. A car will normally begin to make unfamiliar sounds when there is a problem with the engine or other vital parts. It is crucial that these sounds are detected and investigated upon as soon as possible, as ignoring them could lead to unnecessary damage.  With the right tools you can check certain aspects of the car such as the tyre pressure.  Should you wish to buy different equipment for the car ensure you purchase from a reliable source such as Wheelcare Ltd when buying garage equipment.

Wash and clean your car on a regular basis.

It is vital that you maintain your cars appearance and upkeep by washing, cleaning, waxing and polishing it regularly. Not only with this lead to your car looking like new, but it will also help to deal with general wear and tear that may be caused by varying weather conditions. Also, you will want to drive your car for longer if it looks appealing and attractive on the inside and on the outside.

Drive your car gently.

It is crucial that you treat your car with respect by driving it in an appropriate manner. Driving at high speed should be avoided, as it puts unwarranted stress on the engine and on the wheel system. Driving your car in a gentle way will ensure that all parts of the car are working at a suitable level and no area is being overused or overstressed.

The above tips and tricks are applicable to all cars regardless of their make and model. Following these pieces of advice will ensure that you get the most out of your vehicle in terms of both its efficiency and life-span.

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