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Audi RS7 – The Roaring 605 HP 4-Door (Video + Test Drive)

Technology of the Future

Technology has changed quite a bit for the Audi RS 7. Audi has included Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone. This means the actual interface of your phone is on display. Their upgraded back up cameras provide 45 degree angled views. Head-up display on this model gives you the speed for the car in front of you directly on your windshield above your steering wheel. Audi active lane assist alerts you when you are drifting out of your lane for when you’re coming home from a long days work or a late night. Bose has included their surround sound system with 15 speakers. Audi has provided a keyless entry and start key that allows you to start your car without even reaching for it! It is truly remarkable what Audi has accomplished with this model.

Audi RS7 - CarsEditorial Credit: Ed Aldridge / Shutterstock.com

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