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How to Recognise Whiplash Symptom

Whiplash ? Not Your Fault ! Make a Claim
Whiplash ? Not Your Fault ! Make a Claim

Whiplash can be extremely painful, sustaining damage to the ligaments in the neck. It is often caused by a quick movement of the head, usually connected to a car or horse accident. There are different types of whiplash, some are not a serious as others, caused by minor accidents and only lasting a few days. The different categories of the injury include acute whiplash, caused by a fast hyperextension of the neck. Chronic Whiplash is far more serious, causing the patient pain for up to a year.

The most common symptoms of the injury often are based around the neck. The muscles can become stiff, causing intense pain to the patient. This can cause the neck to swell, making walking very uncomfortable. This can move quickly onto severe headaches and migraines. Dizziness is also a common occurrence, as the pain can make you fell very nauseous. The pain can spread to your lower back, causing muscle spasms and numbness. This can lead to tiredness as your body is constantly fighting the cause of the pain. Less common symptoms include blurry vision, difficulty in eating and tinnitus. Usually the symptoms start to become more apparent after the first twenty-four hours.

It is important to take action if you have suffered whiplash, especially if the symptoms persist.  Seeking medical help quickly after the accident is key to treating the injury. Treatment of whiplash is usually straight forward, depending on the seriousness of the injury. Many hospitals state that neck exercises rather than keeping it still will help with a quicker recovery.

Road Traffic Accident

If the accident was not your fault and you feel that another person or company was responsible, you may be entitled to compensation. The various types of claims depend on the cause of your injury. Road traffic claims are bar fat the most common (around 90%), where you can claim against the reasonable driver’s insurance company.  Make sure you write down as much information as possible, to ensure the insurance company has the relevant details to make a successful claim.

It is best to do this straight after the incident if possible as it will be clear in your memory. It is important to contact a professional claims company who will have solicitors to work for you before making a claim for your whiplash injury as they have superior knowledge of the law and may prove very useful in the long run, especially if the case goes to court.




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