2018 Lincoln Navigator Concept – Mild With Wild

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator Concept that was recently debuted is absolutely stunning;  with a twist of extreme!  Lincoln has decided to take the Navigator on a concept journey.  The concept 2018 Lincoln Navigator had a clean look with butterfly doors, as well as seating for a party of eight.  They have even added emergency exits to this plane of a concept.  To be precise (an a little more modest), 3 stairs are being added added under the car doors to allow easy access into the vehicle for all parties.


The 2018 Lincoln Navigator will go into production in the Kentucky Truck Planted based in Louisville. Ford is spending over $600 million for the next Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator. Ford is the parent company of Lincoln.

Lincoln Navigator Style

Lincoln has decided to add their logo onto the grill of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator, a different look from previous Navigator models, which have had the emblem mounted on the hood.  The grill also resembles The MKZ, another SUV / Crossover vehicle made by Lincoln.  Due to the massive size of the grill, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator will boast a second set of string headlights. The elgant model will come with a standard gray interior with bague wood grain.

Navigator Performance

What you will expect out of performance is nothing but sheer excellence.  The 2018 Lincoln Navigator will come equipped with a 3.5L, twin turbo V6. The game-changer is that this V-6 wil lcrank out over 400 horses.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Features

The new Navigator will have automatic braking for emergency situations standard, as well as cameras that will capture a full 360-degree view from within the vehicle.  These cameras, as well as sensors will help in parking situations, lane keeping assistance, and other safety systems that will be included.  These cameras will be able to show an overhead image of the entire vehicle as well.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Price

Pricing for the 2018 Lincoln Navigator has not yet been revealed. This may be because the has yet to go into production and that they do not know how much it would cost for Lincoln to put these new beasts out on the road. Again this is this is a concept car, but it is promised.

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